It seems Kim Kardashian is not letting go of Taylor Swift so easily. She released another signature Kim Kardashian snapchat, where she was singing along to her husband’s Famous video.

Kim Kardashian shared the tongue-in-cheek Snapchat with her friend Carla DiBello. The two were out partying at the Hakkasan nightclub at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last Friday. As her husband comes on, she records herself and her friend Carla DiBello mouthing the controversial lines.

Only the four controversial lines made it to Snapchat. While Kim was jiving indifferently to the tune, Carla made a shocking reaction after the disputed and unapproved line “I made that bitch famous.”

It seems Kim Kardashian will be hounding Taylor Swift for quite sometime. It might be safe to say this isn’t the last Taylor Swift-related Kim Kardashian Snapchat we will ever see. She is actually teaming up with another person whom Taylor Swift has had bad blood with.

After the Hakkasan party, Kim was spotted at Jennifer Lopez’ birthday bash at the latter’s villa at the Caesar’s Palace, E! News reports. Aside from the celebrant, she also partied with Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris.

Bring in the shade-throwing reinforcement in the person of Taylor’s ex. The Scottish DJ recently resurrected from his self-imposed isolation from social media after the breakup. Taylor Swift immediately moved on from him by dating Tom Hiddleston publicly.

After the social media feud that put Swift into the center of the storm, the Scottish DJ has notably gone back to being active on social media. He also clearly chose sides after the Snapchat incident. Through a Snapchat video featuring one of Kanye’s old songs, he threw some major shade with the highly suggestive lines “Wifey gonna kill me, she the female OJ.”

To further cement his side, he also wore Kanye’s Yeezy shoes. To top it all off, Calvin Harris posted on Instagram a picture of him with Jennifer Lopez and the main instigator for all of Taylor Swift’s social media woes, Kim Kardashian.

From releasing a signature shade-filled Kim Kardashian Snapchat to partying with Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Kim Kardashian is just warming up.