While creating a viral uproar on the Internet, Kim Kardashian’s famous nude selfie has been made into a 30-foot-tall mural in Cremorne, Melbourne. The mural took its space on a wall, the outside of a building.

The 9m tall mural of her nude selfie can be found plastered on the side of a print shop in Gwynne Street in Cremorne. According to Hollywood Life, the 35-year-old star has been “immortalized on a brick wall.”

A street artist called Lush Sux is responsible for the gigantic artwork. He completed the art and posted the photo of the humongous piece on Instagram on March 12.

Kardashian posted the selfie on Twitter on March 7. After seeing the nude selfie of the reality star, the artist was driven to paint the massive mural.

“Maybe I’m as much of an attention seeker as she is?” said the graffiti artist.

“…..quite hard to turn an archived screenshot from my phone into a three-storey nude figure painting.”

Along with Melbourne’s Kardashian mural, Sux is also the creator of the Donald Trump mural. Trump’s mural only shows his head on a wall, which is next to the Kardashian mural.

Sux didn’t get a permission to paint the mural and there are residents who are furious due to the sudden appearance of the artwork.

Sux, who is proud of the mural, made it clear it to everyone by explaining that turning the photo into a work of art isn’t so diverse from someone who had shared a nude selfie.

“Think of it as posing nude for a painting but not having to stand in a semi homeless French artist’s studio for hours,” he said.

While people have posed for their own exclusive selfies in front of the murals, it appears that the works of art have become popular among the public.

Beside COFFS Harbour’s Big Banana, Goulburn’s Big Merino now there’s Melbourne’s Big Kim Kardashian, says News Corp.