Kim Kardashian is no stranger to controversy and often gets herself into trouble for some of her antics. Although she is more than able to look after herself in any situation, the reality star appears to have found a new BFF in Ariel Winter who seems willing to fight for her.

Actress Ariel Winter recently spoke out on the issue of positive body images. Mail Online surmised “The Modern Family” star’s statement was in connection to her earlier support of Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie pics last March. As it turns out, Winter’s remarks appeared to diss a recent interview of actress Chloe Moretz with Glamour Magazine.

The publication noted how Moretz uses her platform of fame to fight for what she believes in. Hence, she’s vocal about homophobia, Donald Trump’s “regressive” positions, and the online nude photos of Kim Kardashian West. Moretz said she had to say something about the picture. She explained it “wasn’t linked to body confidence,” rather, “it was done in a slightly voyeuristic light.” Therefore, she felt that it was “a little inappropriate for young women to see.” The actress said her statements weren’t about slut-shaming or body shaming.

In an apparent response to the interview, Winter went on Instagram and Twitter to post this message. Winter pointed out that there’s “no need to put one another down” in order to create a positive light for fans. She encouraged everyone to live their life on their own terms.

Body positivity 💋 #messageoverbackground #bodypositivity #liveyourlife

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HollywoodLife viewed Winter’s statements as proof she’s “not afraid to follow in Kim’s footsteps.” The publication noted the actress’ selfies on Instagram where she’s only wearing a bikini.

Winter’s newfound confidence to show off her body comes after her decision to go through a breast reduction surgery. The actress suffered from extremely large breasts given her small stature, People wrote. The online bullying hurt Winter who previously received backlash for her red carpet appearances. Ariel Winter also hit back at body shamers last year.