Kim Kardashian and Kanye West found their dirty laundry exposed as a former bodyguard spilled secrets of the family.

Former New York cop Steve Stanulis had many to say when he was interviewed by The Sun. He was hired as part of the security personnel of the family but only worked with them for about two weeks. According to Stanulis, the mother-of-two reality star is nice but could not say the same about The Life of Pablo hitmaker.

The former bodyguard shared that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West barely had time for each other. When they attended the Met Ball a few weeks ago, they flew in separately. “They flew in to New York separately for the Met Ball earlier this month and when they were together they weren’t particularly affectionate,” he said.

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Despite this, the security personnel noted that the rapper is possessive of his wife. He even revealed he was prohibited to talk or go near her unless the 38-year-old recording artist said so.

On the day of the Met Gala, Stanulis ran-in to the reality star in the corridor, after which, the rapper emerged.  Then, the couple left for the event without him. “Shortly afterwards I was told my services were no longer required,” he shared.

He also slammed Kanye West for being a brat who refuses to push an elevator button or even tell which floor he was headed to. Stanulis also claimed that the recording artist does not like to be touched and does not want his security to wear anything but a black-coloured ensemble.

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In the wake of the expose, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are hitting back. A spokesperson for the family told Page Six that they will be using legal means to “silence this nonsense.” “The West Family will no longer tolerate the spreading and selling of fake stories in a desperate, transparent and shameless attempt for publicity at their expense,” said the spokesperson.

“This sad, parasitic maniac has violated every basic human tenet of decency with his story of lies. As such, the Wests will explore all legal means at their disposal to silence this nonsense.”