Kim Kardashian Instagram return is just mind blowing. Using a newly-designed Kimoji, the Kardashian girl is back to social media with a bang. With loads of butt and cleavage show, it appears that Kim wants to hint dropping off fresh merchandise soon. What those images are all about; here you have the interesting tidbit.

After being robbed at gunpoint in her Paris apartment on October 3, Kim hasn’t been active on her personal Instagram account. She went off the public radar completely and has been avoiding any social messages or even appearances.

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On December 15, she made a comeback to Instagram after over 70 days of hiatus from social media. For her re-entry she chose a series of raunchy images of a bare twerking butt and lots of cleavage show. The first picture features an attractive woman’s butt in high-waisted black underwear with the word “Savage” on the waistband.

There is a video as well which features twerking in slow motion. Another video shows same woman with her butt shown, this time with a sports bra near a Christmas tree. Though the head of the woman is missing from the frame, her long dark locks hint it might be Kim herself. Check out the videos and the photos here.

The next image is all about extensive cleavage display when the bust of a woman in a small white bra appears resting on another lady’s butt donning a red underwear with same Savage tag on it. The face of this woman too is missing.  However, her long tresses lets one speculate it to be of Kylie Jenner.

A link on the page goes to her Kim Kardashian West store. Perhaps she is about to introduce some new items just in time for Christmas, reports Hollywood Life.


Kim’s brand new Instagram account and the series of risqué photographs raised many speculations. Is she signalling the promotion of a brand new line of lingerie which will mark her foray into this business? There are also assumptions that she may be teasing new Kimojis coming soon.

Whatever her attempts are for, Kim Kardashian Instagram return has set the web on fire.