After the Kim Kardashian robbery incident, it seems that Kim isn’t ready for appearances after being bound and robbed at gunpoint in Paris a few days ago. She was scheduled to appear in Las Vegas on October 28 at the Hakkasan Night Club.

The gig is supposed to happen one week before her 36th birthday. Unfortunately, E! News confirmed that Kim cancelled the gig. It’s been a tradition for Kim to celebrate her birthday in Las Vegas but this year must be different.

“Given recent circumstances, Kim Kardashian will be unable to make her previously scheduled appearance at Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub,” a source told E! News.

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Kim has agreed to make four appearances at Hakkasan this 2016, which she made a $1 million deal with. She already made two appearances this year but she has two more events in which she already cancelled.

In a report shared by Mail Online, Kim is currently having some counseling after the robbing incident since she has been experiencing flashbacks that traumatized her. It was a few days ago when jewelry worth $11 million were robbed from her in Paris.

Kim’s contract with Hakkasan states that they are flexible with Kim Kardashian and that they will allow her to reschedule her two more appearances without any pay cut of the said deal. The club understands what the Kim and the rest of the Kardashians are going through right now.

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Meanwhile, in their home in Los Angeles, Kim Kardashian is very well secured, and her husband Kanye West is always by her side when he’s off from work.

According to a source shared by E! News, “Kim is very paranoid still when she is alone.” The Kardashians are always checking up on her from time to time to ensure that she’s fine.

Kim being around her children is her biggest distraction, but her children are aware that their mom is sad. Hence, Kanye and Kim try not to talk about the incident with their children.

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