Kim Kardashian never fails to spice up the world wide web with her selfies. However, her recent uploads might have come at the most inopportune time.

Typically, some would welcome racy black and white pics posted by the reality star. However, her timing for posting outraged Beyoncé fans. Hence, could this reboot the rumoured feud between Kim Kardashian and Queen Bey?

HollywoodLife reported that Kim K is the next target of Beyoncé fans after Rachel Roy. Fans believe that the reality star’s posts were an attempt to upstage the release of “Lemonade.” Hence, the publication commented, “no one is safe.”

At the time that “Lemonade” debuted on HBO, Kim Kardashian posted sensual pictures that also featured her husband Kanye West. Guest body parts included those from David Beckham, Mel B, and her sister, Kourtney.

Bustle asked if Kardashian’s tweets were meant to throw shade at the rumoured rocky relationship of Beyoncé and Jay Z. The images were highly suggestive, the publication noted. However, Kim K might not have expected the backlash from her recent posts. Team Bey gave a unanimous response to tell off the reality star.

Kim Kardashian and her husband attended the wedding of their pal, nightclub owner Dave Grutman, US Weekly reported. The publication noted that the initial post for the evening featured her and West while in the car on their way to the event. However, the succeeding posts soon turned raunchy starting from selfie “001” up until “015.”

Rumours hinted at a rift between Beyoncé and Kim K. Queen Bey and her husband supposedly failed to send a congratulatory message to the couple for the birth of their baby boy. Although an earlier rumour suggested that Beyonce spoke with the reality star about Saint, sources revealed that the relationship between Kanye West and his son was something she wanted Jay Z to experience also.

Click the link to enter Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account for the pics. US Weekly described the pics as NSFW so proceed with caution.