North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered his country to keep the nuclear warheads ready to strike anytime to combat growing threat from enemies. Kim Jong-un also said his country will start preparing the military for carrying out pre-emptive attacks, calling the current situation precarious.

The Korean Central News Agency reported on Friday that the country’s ruling establishment has ordered for such a measure because of potential threats from enemies to overthrow it. The announcement was made by Kim Jong-un while overseeing a test-firing of a new large-calibre multiple rocket launcher on Thursday. It came within hours of the UN security council’s adoption of resolution that sought to penalise North Korea for its recent nuclear tests as well as the long range rocket launch.

“At an extreme time when the Americans … are urging war and disaster on other countries and people, the only way to defend our sovereignty and right to live is to bolster our nuclear capability,” The Guardian quoted Kim Jong-un as saying.

The joint US-South Korean war games due this month are being referred to as preparations for invasions by North Korea. On previous occasions, North Korea has threatened of a nuclear war to showcase its nuclear prowess, but it is not clear as to how much developed its nuclear programs actually are, the Fox News reported.

South Korea’s defence ministry claimed that North Korea launched half a dozen rockets 60 to 90 miles into the sea on Thursday. North Korea issue a clear threat to its neighbour saying that it would “promptly deploy” the new rocket launcher along with the other newly developed weapons.

Though the country has not given an official reaction to the UN sanctions, its people in the capital of Pyongyang said they are confident that their country is capable of fighting off any kind of sanctions.

“No kind of sanctions will ever work on us, because we’ve lived under US sanctions for more than half a century,” a Pyongyang resident, Song Hyo Il, told the Associated Press. “And in the future we’re going to build a powerful and prosperous country here, relying on our own development.”