The Malaysian police believe that four men and two women were responsible for the assassination of Kim Jong Nam, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s brother.  The suspects, two women, and two men did not know each other before carrying out the attack.

However, one of the suspects, an Indonesian woman named Siti Aishah, says that she thought that the attack was simply a prank. She was detained by the authorities on Thursday and confessed that she was approached in the nightclub where she worked in Kuala Lumpur and was offered $100 to participate in the “prank.”

Another woman, from Vietnam, was also taken into custody on Wednesday as she tried to catch a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Vietnam. According to reports, this woman is named Doan Thi Huong, from Nam Dinh.

Like Siti, Doan also claimed that she thought the whole thing was a prank. She did not even know who Kim Jong Nam was. Moreover, Siti also said that the others were a film crew doing a reality show. She only participated because she needed the money, reports. A third person, Siti’s boyfriend, has also been arrested.

It has also been known that it only took five seconds for Kim Jong Nam to die after the attack. According to reports, the women stepped in front of him for distraction while the other suspects went behind his back using a dark glove and tried to choke. They then sprayed him on the face.

The North Korean leader’s brother asked for help at the airport clinic. People tried to bring him to a hospital but he died on the way. The attack was also recorded on cameras. One of the female suspects can be seen fleeing the scene through an elevator.

Autopsy results would also be released a week later. During this time, Kim Jong Nam’s body will stay under police custody. However, some reports say that experts have found no puncture wounds on his body or face. This would mean that he was probably not injected with lethal poison like what was reported previously.

Kim Jong Nam also told medical workers that he was sprayed with a chemical. Meanwhile, South Korea says that female agents from Pyongyang poisoned him.

National Intelligence Service, South Korea’s spy agency, also said that North Korea has been attempting to kill him for five years. In 2012, they also tried to kill him but after this, he sent a letter to his brother begging to spare his life and his family’s.

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