An unexpected judicial request has given a twisty turn to the 60 Minutes abduction case where the Brisbane mother was accused of kidnapping her own kids from their Lebanese father.

Lawyer Ghassan Moghabghab who is representing the mother, Sally Faulkner, said that Lebanese judge Rami Abdullah has requested her to reach a custody agreement with her ex-husband and father of their two kids. The case opens a new chapter every day, unveiling some new aspect of the case.

Faulkner appeared in court on Wednesday with 10 other suspects who allegedly helped her to conduct the whole kidnapping operation. Along with Faulkner, four 60 Minutes crew members, reporter Tara Brown, producer Stephen Rice, cameraman Benjamin Williamson, and sound recordist David Ballment also reported to court on alleged involvement in the recovery of the kids.

According to the ABC, father Ali el-Amien was also present during the hearing on Wednesday where Abdullah ordered the former couple to reach an agreement with mutual consideration to ensure Faulkner’s release. According to reports, the court did not witness the incident as kidnapping or abduction of children but a mother’s effort to get her children back.

It is unclear, though, whether the verdict will be helpful for the media crew. “There is no way the charges will dropped,” The Guardian quoted the judge as saying, creating confusion regarding the treatment of the 60 Minutes abduction suspects. “There was no violation of the Lebanese authority by all these people. It’s a crime.”

The case began with the Brisbane mother reportedly accusing the kid’s father of bringing them from Australia to Lebanon for a holiday trip. Faulkner claimed that the father did not return their children to her, which prompted her to recover her kids with the help of Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes crew.

Later on, the father, Ali el-Amien, alleged Faulkner of snatching their children Noah, four, and Lahela, six, from their grandmother while they had been waiting for their school bus in Beirut. CCTV footage obtained relating to the whole incident showed the Sally Faulker snatching the children at the street.