Two children involved in an “inappropriate touching” incident are undergoing counselling. The incident took place at a PAP Community Foundation (PCF) child care centre.

On April 12 last Tuesday, a six-year-old girl at the child care centre in Taman Jurong reported that a boy in her class touched her inappropriately. The staff immediately reported the incident to both of the children’s parents.  Channel News Asia reported that the girl’s father in a Facebook post wrote that there was no teacher present at that time. However, another child in the class witnessed the incident.

The post also stated that the boy put his hand under the girl’s skirt during their afternoon nap session. He later admitted doing so when interviewed by the teachers. The father complained that the only solution provided by the principal was to keep the boy away from his daughter. The school as well as the boy’s parents did not apologise.

The Star quoted the father in his Facebook post, “My girl is now feeling so frightened and traumatised. She even voiced out that she is so scared that it will happen again.”

He went on with, “Personally I feel that bringing the boy away from my daughter and putting him with other children is never going to solve the issue. Sooner or later there will be another victim if this is not resolved properly.”

PCF CEO Victor Bay in a statement confirmed that a child psychologist and a teacher have been assigned to counsel the girl. The boy will also be getting counselling from the psychologist. The parents agreed to not to send the boy to the centre for a while but a teacher would be in touch with him.

The statement issued by PCF reads, “We deeply regret the incident and fully sympathise with the parents in their distress. Our top priority is the well-being of our young children.”

The statement also noted, “Based on the findings and recommendations of the child psychologists, PCF will take the necessary follow-up action. We will do everything we can to ensure our students’ well-being and to provide a safe and conducive environment for them.”

The PCF also communicated with Ministry of Social and Family Development and Early Childhood and Development Agency regarding the issue.

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