Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC has been a mouth-watering name for foodies. One of its brand new recipes has been unveiled recently, the process of which has been provided in the article.

Colonel Harland Sanders has been a well-known name associated with KFC. His yet another addition to 11 herbs and spices in the form of a tasty blend has been revealed. The original recipe has been available since 1940 when the colonel started cooking his famous chicken dishes. Reports have suggested that it was this secret that helped the fast-food ace’s success.

This week, an American news outlet has claimed that the secret recipe of the chicken item has been discovered in an old scrapbook that belonged to one of the relatives of Sanders. The network reported that the ingredients to be used in the recipe have been kept serious and was 0nly made available to chefs when they needed the magic strictly.

Sanders was quite conscious about keeping his tasty blends a secret and hence he divided the secret information by providing it to two different individuals. This way he made sure that no one person knows about the complete blending secret of him. The scrapbook containing the secrets of the KFC supreme belonged to his second wife, Claudia Sanders before getting into the hands of the colonel’s nephew Joe Ledington.

According to Perth Now, the scrapbook contained an envelope that had a handwritten note with the recipe along with the will of Sanders’ second wife who died in 1997. It is, however, unclear if the will was authentic. When Ledington was asked whether the recipe was the original one, he gave an affirmative reply. “I don’t want to get in an argument with [KFC’s parent company] Yum! Brands about it but … I’m pretty sure that it’s pretty close to the original,” he said.

The readers can visit the Chicago Tribune that has published the original secret recipe of the blend of 11 herbs and spices, which has been the specialty of Sanders.