Do you love Kevin Durant Nike shoes as much as his fans do? Then read on. As Kevin Durant goes to Golden State Warriors, Warriors just earned themselves another top caliber player. But is there more to Durant’s switch than just basketball teams? Does this have something to do with Kevin Durant Nike shoes endorsement too?

Reports revealed that Golden State Warriors mounted a full team pitch to Kevin Durant. Coach Steve Kerr, general manager Bob Myers, owner Joe Lacob and assistant general manager Kirk Lacob pitched in. Golden State Warriors’ topmost players were also there to talk Durant into making the switch.

Former teammates Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala along with Draymond Green and Klay Thompson were all present. The pitch happened in a two-hour meeting in the Hampton.

From vowing to let Kevin Durant play as he is to giving him a chance at a coveted championship, the brotherhood promised everything and more. Before the meeting, Kevin Durant also made inquiries about Bay Area living. This rang bells for the Warriors team.

The Warriors’ core players did their best to convince Durant. They allayed Durant’s fears of breaking the existing team chemistry. They also assured him he will be able to blend into the Warriors’ team yet still shine. As added effort, Curry further convinced Durant by sending him a personal message.

In a text message, Curry reportedly told Kevin Durant that he does not care who wins the MVP or whether his UnderArmour shoe sales drop. With a Kevin Durant Nike shoes under Durant, the teammates will be on the court sporting two different brands under the same team. Many of you know that Kevin Durant Nike shoes are very popular among his fans.

Whether this switch will catapult Kevin Durant even further in the list of elite basketball players or not, what’s important is that Durant made Nike happy. As for Nike, Kevin Durant winning a championship will mean an increase in Kevin Durant Nike shoes sales. Nike will also hit two birds with one stone if Durant will be able to eclipse Stephen Curry’s stardom.

As  Golden State Warriors promise Durant a chance at the championships, Kevin Durant may have just made the best decision of his career, both for basketball and business. Would you buy Kevin Durant Nike shoes or Stephen Curry’s shoes from Under Armor?