The Kettering Incident has been a popular show among fans with its gripping story-line and amazing set of actors. The top ruling Monday evening television soap has some latest interesting facts which are going to unveil soon.  The lead character, Anna Macy, has a lot of mysteries surrounding her. The newest development has some Tasmanian connections. Are they hinting at Anna’s Tasmanian secrets revelations?

London-based hematologist Anna Macy has come back mysteriously to her secluded Tasmania home town of Kettering. This is the place where mysterious lights come into sight and young women are going missing.

Anna is in search for answers to the alarming incidents, which happened to her 15 years ago after her best friend Gillian vanished in the woods. Such lights appeared even in that day and drew her into the trees.

Kettering Incident: Gillian Baxter Missing

Some locals still hold Anna responsible. But since she has come back, more unpleasant events took place. Last week, the corpse of Chloe was found and the reason of the victim’s death was unknown.

Birds are still dropping from the skies, moths cloud impatiently, making it evident as if the natural order of Kettering is not in good shape. Anna is taken aback to know that Chloe has the same markings which she saw on Kade, the boy from the clinic, whose looks have distressed her. This pushes her to go to the baffling Mother Sullivan’s Ridge, where he resides, to collect a blood sample.

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While driving through the ridge, she has a scary experience. She finds Adam Holloway on the ridge and in danger. His father Max understands the secret about the ridge. He shares this with Roy Macy and Craig Grayson, which may have even more grave repercussions, describes The Australian.

Certainly, the viewers are going to get answers about the ridge soon.  However, one can’t deny that with supernatural elements intertwined in its plot, it is difficult to assume a rational solution in The Kettering Incident mysteries.