The Kettering Incident season 1 episode 5 digs deeper into the strange events happening in the town. Here is a brief overview of the episode that drops some hints on how mystery bites the townspeople.

Sleep Tight; Don’t Let Your Dogs Bite:

The Kettering Incident episode 5 has a dark theme that shows a man sings “Hush, Little Baby” nursery rhyme in an eerie tone. Roy Macy gets bitten by his dog Gracie in the middle of the night. In fact, every dog-owner in the town apparently faces the same fate. What happened to these canines? Is any supernatural power possessing them?

The Case of Cade:

In Episode 5, Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki) visits Chloe’s brother in the hospital and eventually finds out from the nurse that the blood sample of Cade Fisher is missing from the hospital records. Anna contacts Tim (possibly her former love interest) in London seeking  some help. She sends him a photo of the strange marks on Cade’s arm. In the meantime, Roy comes to know of a peculiar thing from Deb. She tells that she and five other people were suffering from cancer, all at once.

The Mother(ly) Part of the Story:

Anna visits her mother Wendy at the nursing home but finds her in a vegetated state. On the other hand, Eliza’s mother notices one side of the wall of the storage room. When Deb asks about it, they reply the forest is entering surreptitiously.

Mysterious Murder of Chloe:

Brian and Ferguson are in the coroner’s office for an update on Chloe’s autopsy. Chloe’s parents are not be able to bury their daughter’s body because her toxicology report says that she has an anomalous level of radiation and toxic substances. Brian wonders why there was nothing found where Chloe was supposedly killed. What led to Chloe’s  such mysterious ending?

Lofty’s Hush-hush:

The truth of Lofty is also getting revealed in episode 5 of The Kettering Incident. When Anna visits Lofty, he tells her everything that happened the night that Gillian went missing. Anna remembers that Lofty was the one singing “Hush, Little Baby.” Anna asks why Roy held him responsible for what happened that night. Lofty leaves by saying that Roy was scared of her. This leaves Anna in a confused state of mind.

Uncanny Realities of Old Mother Sullivan Ridge:

To date, no one knows what is buried in the Mother Sullivan Ridge. Brian goes to visit Mother Sullivan Ridge figures out a foul smell.  Then he notices a small concave in a tree. When he tries to investigate, he finds night vision goggles inside. Brian looks through it and locates five to six men in black looking right at him. A scared Brian asks, “Who’s there?”

Back in the police station, Anna tries to gather more information about the weird happenings. In the meanwhile, Brian gets back safe and sound and looks shocked about the events that happened in the Kettering Forest. He shows Ferguson the night vision goggles and asks him to try it. But the latter does not see anything  similar to Brian’s experience in the forest.

Travis Bites the Dust?

Brian goes to a pub and notifies some guys about the possibility of Travis raping Eliza. The men promptly take the matter into their own hands and kidnapped Travis. They tie him up to a tree in the Kettering Forest and leave him to kick the bucket. Travis begs for his life and confesses that he did no wrong to Eliza or Chloe.

With lights floating in the background, Travis hears some strange sounds.  He feels scared and helpless, at the same time. Sadly, the chances of his survival look dim.

Anna talks things out with Roy:

Back in town, Anna confronts her father (Roy) with Gillian’s incident. Roy clarifies that his only intentions were to protect Anna.  He also lets her know that he found Anna, after the eight grueling hours at the old Sullivan’s house drenched in blood.  However, the blood  on Anna was  not hers . She was also babbling about UFOs. Now Anna doubts she killed Gillian that night.

Anna also finds out that she was in a psychiatric hospital for two weeks after Gillian disappeared. However, Roy comforts her by telling that she was in the hospital due to another sickness.  It had nothing to do with her best friend’s case, according to the information leaked in a torrent site.

The Kettering Incident  will unfold many more secrets  in the coming days.  Stay tuned for updates.

The Kettering Incident airs on every Mondays at 8.30pm AEST on Foxtel’s showcase channel.