The Kettering Incident ended abruptly, leaving the viewers to ponder at many cliffhanger moments. There is a mixed response from critics, fans and the like. The confused audience is now desperate to know if there will be a Kettering Incident Season 2 to solve the new mysteries.

Human cloning by Jens Jorgensson  has been a major attraction in the show. Many believe the theory is convincing, which holds a connection between Mother Nature and humans. If the theory is to be believed, we can assume the chances are high for a second season here.  Season 1 highlighted a strange cloning theory, and The Kettering Incident Season 2 might explore more about it. Will it reveal the cloned characters?

Digging deeper into the theory of cloning, here is the story in brief.

Jens the scientist managed to survive an acute concentration of radioactivity planned by ‘Amber Arrow’. Later, he was recruited by the organization to continue the experiment in another relatively remote location—Kettering. Why? To find out who else is immune, and hence, important to Amber Arrow.

To determine the townspeople’s immunity, Jens devised technology to create human clones. He kept them in his secret bunker to expose them to waste at a close proximity.

How did he carry out the human cloning? Jens used the sedative Thiopentone to perform the experiment. Things were exposed when the two Annas come face-to-face at the very end of the episode. At the same time, there were certain townspeople who seemed to be in two places at once at the end of the episode. Do you remember how Adam appeared on the hill carrying a gun after Dutch was shot? Next, we saw him in the church during his sister’s funeral service.

Jens’ cloning theory was highly inspired by the King’s Lomatia. It is one of the world’s oldest living plant clones, having successfully replicated itself for over 40,000 years.

It is tough to find out who out of all the townspeople would or wouldn’t be immune because they haven’t all been hanging up at Mother Sullivan’s Ridge. However, it is easy to determine Adam Holloway, Eliza, and of course Travis, definitely aren’t, owing to the moss they began to build up after being exposed, reports Elle Australia.

Still, something went unexpectedly wrong. Jens’ clones are sick and suffering from psychotic delusions. Their blood types don’t match the originals. They’ve turned rogue, taking their mission as annihilation.

The question now arises as to who the cloned characters are. There is no doubt many of the townspeople are being cloned in the process. Kade, Lofty, Eliza and Adam are the few names on the list who were confirmed to be cloned. The Kettering Incident showed many people dying but this revelation opens up big opportunities. Is it possible that Chloe was cloned, too? Or is it Dominic?

While the monumental hit Aussie series seemed to leave many questions unanswered, perhaps The Kettering Incident Season 2 will shed light on the theory of cloning. We might get to see all the cloned characters of the story.

The Kettering Incident Season 2 is yet to be commissioned by the channel. For more updates, stay tuned.