One of the most anticipated Australian mini-series, The Kettering Incident is finally on the television screens.

The premier episode shows some of the most interesting inputs. The main character Anna has a lot to offer to the eager audience. Why? Because the primary focus of the series is one theory called ‘Anna goes missing’.  We try to shed some light on that matter.

The filming work took place in  Hobart, Bruny Island, the Huon Valley and Kettering itself. The Kettering Incident narrates story of Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki). When Anna was just 14, she left Kettering after her best friend Gillian, mysteriously went missing.

Anna and her friend had been playing in the prohibited forests outside Kettering. As they noticed strange lights in the sky, they started to follow it and disappeared into the woods. Eight hours later, people found Anna alone, frightened and drenched in blood.

15 years later she returns but discovers her town torn between environmentalists and loggers.

Although it’s been ages, Anna’s homecoming raises certain questions.  Things those have been long-buried deep down inside begin to re-emerge again. What exactly happened that night leaving?  Fueling the fire, there are also plentiful rumors and theories.

Did Anna kill her pal, Gillian?  Or any alien power kidnapped the latter? Many believe there is something more sinister about the whole episode, which Anna was unable to convey. If so, who is behind it?

The experience shattered Anna. Thus to take her out of the trauma, her family sent her to London. But her pain and confusion continue and she suffers frequent blackouts.

Making things worse, there is another teenage girl who goes missing after Anna steps inside the city, reveals Foxtel  Is it something to do with Ana’s secret past?

Will she be able to speak the truth out in front of the people of Kettering? What’s the deal with lights and an eclipse of moths? What about that mayday call Anna hears while in a fugue?

Stay tuned to know as The Kettering Incident continues on Monday at 8.30 pm on Foxtel.