Australians have more reason to stay tuned and relax while watching TV. The couch potatoes must feel the excitement since there will be more Aussie television shows to binge-watch. Check out The Kettering Incident, Cleverman, and more upcoming shows below.

Foxtel network aired The Kettering Incident last July 4. The mini-series tells the mysterious story of Anna Macy and her horrible experience in Kettering.

Anna and her best friend, Gillian, explored the woods outside Kettering until they lost track. Eight hours later, people found Ann horrified and drenched with blood.

The death of her best friend left a big question among the public, and Anna could not explain it either. She left her hometown but returned after 15 years.

However, the mysteries of the past continue to haunt Anna until this very day. Worse, another young girl went missing soon after her comeback.

The previous episode raises the question about her “Tasmanian secrets.” The authorities still tag Anna as the suspect but it looks like something more terrifying is about to unfold.

Check out more of The Kettering Incident on the show’s official Facebook page and Foxtel’s website.

On the other hand, ABC TV series Cleverman will soon introduce Warren Foster Snr. According to Narooma News, the local actor also landed a stint in another show entitled Love Child.

Foster Snr said that he was excited while filming the explosion scenes in the series. We were filming a helicopter scene and the crew told us it was a practice run without any explosion and then set the explosions off on us,” the actor said with a laugh.

Those who just cannot get enough of these Australian TV shows may take a look at the list of highly recommended series below, courtesy of Mama Mia:

  • Barracuda– this is an adaption of Chris Tsiolkas’ novel of the same name. The story is about a bunch of high-school swimmers with different struggles in life. The four-part series airs Thursdays at 9.30pm on ABC1.
  • Offspring– The Proudman family is back on small screens. Check out of more of their story every Wednesdays on Channel 10 at 8.30pm.
  • Secret City– This political thriller is set in Canberra. The series tells the story of a female journalist who vows to search for the truth regarding the tension between the US and China. The last episode was aired on July 3 on Showcase. But do not be sad, because you can still watch it via Foxtel Go.