Australia’s Kettering Incident lead star Elizabeth Debicki is on her way to stardom. Amidst the fame that surrounds her, Debicki revealed her biggest fear.

The actress has a statuesque height and striking eyes. The 25-year old blonde who stands 6’2″ is also part of the AMC’s miniseries The Night Manager.

The series cast her as Jed, Richard Roper’s (Hugh Laurie) troubled mistress. Critics are highly recognizing her acting skills and she might walk down to the red carpet.

However, it looks like Debicki is not ready to set her foot on the red carpet yet. Furthermore, she told Mail Online that she has been dreading that.

“Red carpets are awful. They’re like a kind of purgatory – you stand there and there are cameras flashing everywhere,” quotes the site. She went on to reveal what happened during her Cannes red carpet appearance for The Great Gatsby.

She exclaimed that she was terrified and has “nearly died” because of the flashing lightbulbs. However, it looks like she needs to get used to it.

The Australian sci-fi series must be gaining a lot of viewers. Notably, Kettering Incident has a twist that could make the watchers confused; but curious about the next scenarios at the same time.

The show features the story of Anna, who lost her best friend, Gillians, in the Kettering woods when they were young teenagers. Anna could not explain why her friend died, and left her hometown for 15 years.

Then now, she returns to unfold the mystery of the incident, only to find out that there was another victim. Was it an alien abduction? Or did she kill Gillian and the other victim?

Despite the popularity, there are rumors that the show will only last up to Season 1. According to a previous report, Debicki has too much on her plate that she cannot continue to be in the Aussie series.

However, both Foxtel and the actress have not confirmed the news yet. But certainly, fans would like to know the future of Kettering Incident soon. Find out more about the show on their official Facebook page.