Kesha, who made a surprise appearance at the Coachella voicing “True Colors” alongside EDM producer DJ Zedd, is back again in the industry with a brand new single. The 29-year-old pop star almost disappeared from the industry, soon after she declared a legal battle against the American record producer, Dr. Luke.

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Kesha returns to the studio to record her next new single “True Colors.” The credit goes to her fellow music artist Zedd.

Zedd publicized the new version of “True Colors” from the 2015 album of the same name, on Twitter today.

This news comes as a joyful blow of surprise to Kesha’s fans, who were quite hopeful about her comeback. In fact, the singer looks more stunned than her fans. She considers the chance as a “miracle” which helps her find her voice again.

The vocalist took her excitement to the social media by posting a black and white snap of her singing into a microphone in the studio.

Kesha Captioned It As: 

Here are 5 most convincingly interesting facts about the New Single “True Colors”:

  1. The next new single will give Kesha a strong platform to return with a bang.
  2. Since every word of the lyrics seemed to be written against Dr. Luke, it can bring down the morale of the music producer.
  3. The upcoming brand new single will add to Kesha’s popularity in a positive manner.
  4. Despite the legal loss, the wordings of the song is strong enough to build courage of many victims of abuse to come forward and speak up.
  5. The original song has already secured a good position in the hearts of millions of fans. This fact can act as a plus point for the brand new single to top several charts worldwide.

Zedd offered Kesha a helping hand following the court ruling that found she could not be freed from her Sony contract, reveals Mirror.

The new track from Kesha will drop this Friday, April 29.