Two lions are believed to be spotted close to a highway by traffic police, in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

This is the second time that lions have wandered out of the Nairobi National Park. Although, the park is fenced off from the city, there are are some gaps where it is easy for animals to cross the fence.

They are believed to be roaming along southern bypass near the Ngong Road intersection. The traffic police spotted the lion around 10am, according to Buzz Kenya.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said that its search-team is checking the suspected areas where the lions could enter in.

“A KWS search team is currently on the ground and we’ll keep you updated on our findings” the wildlife service said of Monday’s sighting along Nairobi’s Southern Bypass road.

“Traffic police spotted the lions close to a forest near the neighbourhood of Karen – a section of Nairobi named for Karen Blixen, the Danish author of the colonial-era memoir “Out of Africa”.

Locals were told to notify the authorities if ever they see the lions to these phone numbers: 0800 597 000 or 0800 221 55 66.

In mid-February, around six lions were reported to have strayed out of the Nairobi National Park.

A search team had been deployed to the area along Southern bypass and Lang’ata in Nairobi. The news caused havoc in the area but the lions later returned to the park without causing any harm.

Following an agreement last year, park officials allowed a new Chinese-built railway line, which would pass through the park. The railway line will be set to a height above the ground. It will allow animals to pass underneath the line, as per the report by The Nation.

According to KWS, there are around 2000 lions left in the country. They could disappear in the next two decades. While some experts say that the present population could reduce by half in next 20 years.

The lion’s population in Africa has dropped from 200,000 in the 1960s to fewer than 25,000 until now.