Kenya will now give a hard time to the militant group, Al-Shabaab, by attacking them with Sh1 billion drone ordered from the US.

The delivery of the US-made drone was made public by the US Department of Defence, according to Standard Media.

The drone will help military to monitor the activities of Al Shabaab with high accuracy. It has the potential to track down the enemies and execute programmed attacks.

The contract will include the delivery of: infra-red ScanEagle UAVs, launch and recovery equipment, ground control stations, Insitu video exploitation systems and ground support equipment.

The ScanEagle is used by : Britain, Australia, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore and The Netherlands.

Last Month, Kenya came up with a program upgrading the armoured personnel carriers for police officers. Administration police and the general service will operate the vehicles to combat terror and crime chains.

No information was declared over how much was spent in bringing the fleet.

Luma is one of the prioritised area where carriers will be deployed. Al-Shabaab has caused major losses in the area.  The militant is a bane of Kenyan government. It has perpetrated several attacks in both Kenya and Somalia.

Around 4,000 Kenyan troops in the 22,000-strong African Union force are combating the militant group in Somalia.

Last month, the militant group killed more than 180 Kenyan troops in El Adde, in the Gedo region of Somalia near the Kenyan border, according to Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

“When about 200 soldiers who came to help your country are killed in one morning, it is not something trivial,” Mohamud said in a report by Vice News.

“We have been winning for years and months but that el-Adde battle, we were defeated. Yes, in war, sometimes something that you do not like happens to you,” Mohamud said.

While the militant group has shared a video, where a Kenyan militant, Ahmed Iman Ali is celebrating the killing of Kenyan soldiers.  In the 210-second video, he shows the ID-cards of slain KDF soldiers.