Hillary Clinton on Tuesday recorded a much-needed win at the Kentucky Democratic primary, narrowly defeating Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. With 99.8 percent of the state precincts reporting, Clinton secured the victory by 1,800 votes, which is one-half vote per precinct state-wise.

For Clinton to lead the Kentucky primary results, a last-minute campaign blitz and a significant financial investment were all that she needed. In 2008, she managed to win by a 35 percentage point over her then-contender Barack Obama.

Clinton did not appear in public to celebrate the win but instead took to Twitter to express her gratitude toward supporters. “We just won Kentucky! Thanks to everyone who turned out. We’re always stronger united,” Clinton posted on Twitter after the results.

However, Sanders is leading the Oregon primary with a comfortable margin. With 64 percent of the states’ precincts reporting, Sanders has secured a 53.6 percentage point over Clinton’s 46.4 percent. He declared to a crowd of cheering supporters in California that despite the pressure from Clinton’s campaign on him to quit the race, he would continue “until the last ballot is cast.”

“I should tell you, that there a lot of people out there — many of the pundits and politicians — they say Bernie Sanders should drop out, the people of California should not have the right to determine who the next president will be,” Sanders was quoted as saying by the NBC News.

“Well let me be as clear as I can be: I agree with you. We are in until the last ballot is cast,” he added.

Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver described the Kentucky primary as “Essentially a tie in a state they [Clinton] dominated last time.” Clinton has managed to maintain roughly 280 pledged delegates with the only contest on June 7 remaining, the CNN reported.

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump mocked Clinton on the closeness of the Kentucky primary.

“Do you think Crooked Hillary will finally close the deal?” Trump tweeted. “If she can’t win Kentucky, she should drop out of race. System rigged!”