Kendall Jenner reunited with her rumoured boyfriend at this year’s first Coachella weekend.

According to US Weekly, Jenner posted a video on Snapchat showing her reunion with Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jordan Clarkson at the event. This is the first time the pair was seen in public together. In a separate report, US Weekly previously confirmed that Jenner and Clarkson were indeed an item. The rumoured couple has reportedly been “hooking up for months” now. Could Kendall Jenner really be over her ex Harry Styles?

Hollywood Life earlier reported that the One Direction crooner was the first guy that ever came close to breaking her heart. “The only guy that’s ever come close to breaking her heart is Harry,” a source told Hollywood Life. “And she’s punishing him for it now…She’s totally playing hard to get and she’s getting off on it. There was a point where she thought she and Harry were getting serious but he blew it.”

It was previously reported that the Kardashian’s younger sister broke up with the singer because he would not fully commit to her. Jenner was earlier quoted as saying she wanted a man “who’s going to walk the walk.” Could Clarkson be the guy Jenner thinks she needs? Or is the basketball star just a rebound for the British singer?

According to Hollywood Life, Styles might just want to get back together with Jenner. “Now he wants her back so bad, but she won’t commit and it’s driving him mental,” the source explained. “She’s giving him what he wants, she’s playing hard to get…Kendall is all about playing the field right now, she just doesn’t want to deal with relationship drama. Out of all her sisters she’s by far the most hard. She doesn’t give in to guys easily at all, she’s a heart breaker.”