Two weeks after Kim’s robbery in Paris, the Kendall Jenner stalker case came up. She testified today, Friday, in court giving details about her traumatic alleged stalker case that happened last August 24. Jenner has never felt so unsafe in her life.

In a report by E! News, it wasn’t the first time that Jenner encountered Shavaughn McKenzie, her alleged stalker. The model recalled running into McKenzie twice at her previous home in Westwood.

However, during their recent encounter, Jenner saw McKenzie sitting on her driveway with his head between his knees. She told the court that she knew at that moment that something was off and different.

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“I wouldn’t expect someone to be sitting on the side of the street. I definitely thought it was weird…It didn’t make sense,” Jenner told the court.

She was so afraid on her way home that she was crying and freaking out. The 20-year-old model seemed to not understand what his intentions were for showing up weirdly.

Jenner continued explaining, “I never got out of my car. I was terrified. I was literally traumatized. I started honking at him and I just wanted to make sure I saw wherever he went. He got out of the gate and I drove down the hill.”

In a separate report by Mirror, Jenner was shaking when she took the stand in court. While stating what happened, she also shared that after seeing McKenzie, she drove around him and closed the gate behind her.

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According to Jenner, she doesn’t feel safe in her own house and that she’s never been this scared her whole life.

 What made Jenner more afraid was that he allegedly walked through the gate. That’s when the model screamed, “Who are you?” before winding her window down and asking McKenzie to leave.

Meanwhile, McKenzie is currently facing one count of misdemeanor stalking and trespassing.

Stay tuned for more updates!