These days, speculations on Kendall Jenner new boyfriend news might be off the mark.

Curiosity is rife over who the Kendall Jenner new boyfriend really is. Rumors linked her to several eligible bachelors, which made her the envy of many. The list of her supposed beaus include One Direction Harry Styles, NBA star Jordan Clarkson, and recently, rapper A$AP Rocky.

Harry was the first man publicly linked to the younger member of the Kardashian-Jenner brood. Hence, the interest of many to find out if it was true. It also raised fans hopes he would join the family reality show. Then again, sources revealed they were only friends. Her presence at Coachella 2016 with Jordan Clarkson also had tongues wagging. Although some surmised he was only a rebound relationship for her from the British singer.

This time around, her use of an A$AP Rocky beanie hat led many to believe the rapper is the Kendall Jenner new boyfriend. The couple were seen several times together as well. However, no official announcement about their relationship status is available to date. Nevertheless, the use of the beanie hat certainly made a statement among onlookers, according to Teen Vogue.

Perhaps the supermodel has had enough of gossips about her love life. In response to recent speculations between her and Tyler, The Creator. The pair tweeted a joke that likely ended the rumor.

Mail Online cited a recent post by Kendall Jenner on her website. Her thoughts seemed to echo the insider information received by the publication. As it turns out, it might take a while before she settles down. Thus, would it mean her hookups of late were merely flings? Perhaps not as the supermodel appears interested in just having fun and building a successful career. Her 4,800-square-feet property for US $ 6.5 million is certainly impressive.

Who would make the ideal Kendall Jenner new boyfriend?