It is not every day that you get to meet your doppelganger. It’s even rare if the sighting is made of wax. However, Kendall Jenner had this rare opportunity when she came face-to-face with her wax double at Madame Tussauds in London. What did she do? She “freaked out.”

E!News reports that the leggy model was intimidated after meeting her wax replica at first. “At first I was really freaking out,” Jenner confessed, “but now we’re getting used to each other,” she added. Coincidently, the lookalikes were seen wearing black. The model was seen wearing an understated black ensemble—a form-fitting knitted jumper dress which featured a double zip and a Gianvito Rossi knee high boots. She also carried a fur-lined black bag, states Daily Mail.

On the contrary, the wax Jenner looked absolutely stunning and as fierce too as its live counterpart in all black. Her attire consisted of a black underwear, a black silk robe, and heels. According to Bustle, it posed with its legs crossed with arms draped around the body and also sported Kendall’s signature model pout.

The young Jenner was very happy with the end result. Her wax replica is as real as it can be. She even posed with it and made silly faces. She also posted about it on her website saying, “It was so trippy to see my wax body double today! I was measured for “her” forever ago, but hadn’t seen it until just now,” she mentioned. “I love that they set the scene backstage before a show—she’s right at home! It was a super fun process even though it took three different girls over three hours. They measured the weirdest parts I didn’t even think were important—like my earlobes and nostril diameter, eeeww! Definitely check it out at Madame Tussaud’s if you’re ever in London,” she said.