Is Kendall Jenner a lesbian? Could it even be possible?

The younger sibling of the Kardashian-Jenner brood wrote about herself recently on her app. However, the details she shared might confuse some of her fans. Kendall revealed who among the women in Hollywood today are her girl crushes. Thus, the question: Is Kendall Jenner a lesbian?

According to the supermodel, her major girl crushes include Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. Yet it appears her ultimate crush is none other than Rihanna. Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are both hard-working actresses who seem to be able to balance career and motherhood quite well. Singer Rihanna seems to have it all, according to Kendall. Hence, she is one celebrity who is constantly on the supermodel’s list of girl crushes. Kendall Jenner described RiRi, and most readers would likely agree with her description.

“She kills it with literally everything she does—music, fashion, videos. It’s insane. She wears the coolest, most daring things and is definitely a style icon of mine. She’s so fearless, doesn’t care what anyone thinks and stands up for herself. She’s a goddess,” Kendall wrote. Thus regardless of sexual orientation, the celebrities mentioned certainly live up to the label of crush-worthy, according to Oceanup.

Does the revelation of her girl crushes make Kendall a lesbian? This could verify the tweet of Tyler, The Creator or perhaps not. Her relationships are not as publicly known as others. However, the men linked to the celebrity are some of the most sought after the world over.

One Direction star Harry Styles and Kendall became an item after pics from their St. Barts vacation came out. Yet they did not confirm if they were boyfriend and girlfriend at any point in time. NBA star Jordan Clarkson and the supermodel gave the impression they dated. However, her big sister Kim seemed to have some beef with the less popular basketball star. Of late, her rumored beau is A$AP Rocky. Despite the lack of an official confirmation, her use of a beanie hat with his moniker could be an answer to the Kendall Jenner lesbian question.

Is Kendall Jenner a lesbian?