Kelly Clarkson called into the “Z100 Morning Show” Thursday and opened up about everything from her pregnancy to her very emotional performance on American Idol. Even though she’s itching to give birth to her future son, Clarkson revealed she’s also ready to welcome alcohol back into her life.

“Red wine…Oh my God I miss it so badly! I know people always say you can have a glass, but I just have such complicated pregnancies that I don’t want to risk it.

She even added that though she cried at the end of her performance and made everyone teary-eyed including Keith Urban, she was actually embarrassed.

Clarkson said, “It’s so funny to me that everybody was like, ‘It was remarkable!’ … Well, crying on national television isn’t really my idea of a good time.”

Her riveting performance has caused a boost in album sales.

“It was just, stars aligned for me to really be screwed emotionally [that night],” she said. “It was just the last time I was on ‘Idol’ and my little kid is running around the same hallways that I was running around at 19. I was just super screwed!” she told Billboard.

Last week, Clarkson joined Idol as a guest judge and performed “Piece by Piece,” a song she wrote about her absent father while pregnant with her first child

“It’s kind of incredibly sad how many people relate to the message. I think that’s what’s kind of awesome but disturbing, because it’s been a really remarkable thing after singing it—the response from it. I’m excited to be a vessel for a message that touches people, but at the same time I’m like, God, I wish it didn’t touch that many people.”

“Piece by Piece” is self-described by Clarkson as a “reminder from hell.” But she sees good in the song as well, since it encourages her to stay positive.

Watch Clarkson’s American Idol performance: