If you thought cereals are boring, then think again! Kellogg’s, the name synonymous with cereals, has teamed up with Kawa to open a pop-up café in Sydney’s Surry Hills. It is now serving cereal-inspired breakfasts, brunches and lunches as well as cereal-based snacks, desserts and drinks.

The Kellogg’s x Kawa Cereal Café popped up on Sunday in Sydney’s Surry Hills and will stay put until 24 April 2016. The pop-up is dishing up freshly made delicacies including corn flakes crumbed chicken burgers with homemade chilli mayo.

Their breakfast salad made with fresh kale, spinach and apple has gluten-free Special K and poached eggs. You can also order French toast with a rice bubbles crust along with banana, maple syrup and crispy bacon.

French toast encrusted with rice bubbles served with grilled banana, maple syrup and rashers of bacon. Full writeup on #kelloggsxkawa at iatemywaythrough.com (photo by #iatemywaythrough contributors @jaiisip @coconixandcocktails)

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Not satisfied? You can appease your sweet tooth and top off your meals with fruit loops muffins that come with cereal milk flavoured icing. Meg Hewitt, the owner of Kawa, worked closely with Kellogg’s to create this unique menu, states The Daily Telegraph.

“We worked really closely with Meg, she created an incredible range of food, the team here went and tasted them all and we came out with 15 different items on the menu which showcase at least one Kellogg’s cereal,” said Rebecca Boustead, Kellogg’s spokeswoman. “On the whole, it’s a very healthy, balanced menu which again celebrates the flavours of food and sensory delights around food,” she added.

Huffington Post reveals that the pop-up marks the launch of Kellogg’s new website, Open For Breakfast. The website aims to attract people to enquire about their favourite breakfast cereals.

“It’s so exciting to work with cereals in both savoury and sweet dishes to showcase their flavours in new and somewhat unconventional ways,” said Hewitt. “Kellogg’s cereals bring back happy childhood memories. It fits with Kawa’s brand of making simple twists on classic dishes, homestyle cooking and nostalgia,” she added.