Keith Urban is well known as the country music singer from New Zealand. However, he’s not about to let that identity restrict his musical choices. Hence, his latest album “Ripcord” offers different beats and features rap and hip hop.

“Ripcord” is totally uncharacteristic of what Urban’s fans are used to hearing. Musical elements such as a synthesizer pad, hip hop beats, as well as a Pitbull rap don’t call to mind the famous country singer, USA Today wrote. However, it appears to suit him well, the publication remarked.

“Ripcord” combines Urban’s “expressive vocals and virtuosic guitar solos” with other musical genres. The artist reveals the one ingredient that helps to make it come together successfully.

“Melody is key, I mean, lyrics are obviously important too. But how many songs do we sing along to where we don’t even know the words? Melody pulls us in,” Urban revealed. Aside from the melody, Urban revealed that rhythm is also at the core of his music. The singer demonstrated rhythm’s significance with “Break On Me” from “Ripcord.”

“Rhythm has always been at the core of who I am and what I do. Even though ‘Break On Me’ is a ballad, it’s rhythm-based,” Urban said.

His unlikely pairing with rapper Pitbull on “Sun Don’t Let Me Down” produced an “upbeat, pop-infused jam,” Taste of Country wrote.

Urban also fought for his collaboration with Carrie Underwood on “The Fighter” as he knew she’d be perfect for it. Taste of Country revealed in a separate post that Underwood had been busy with the “Storyteller” tour so it was a struggle to make their schedules meet.

However, Urban persevered and was able to get Carrie to a studio in St. Louis to record. The result was a “disco-influenced, jazzy country love song” perfect for lovers. Keith Urban and Underwood sang a duet on the season finale of “American Idol” and their incredible performance is a sample of what fans can expect from “The Fighter.”

Keith Urban also performed at the 40th birthday of Reese Witherspoon last March. He’s set to perform before bigger audiences for a series of special shows in relation to the release of “Ripcord.” The former “American Idol” judge kicked off his first show in New York City, People wrote. He’ll also make pit stops in Nashville and Los Angeles, the publication added.

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