Could their recent anniversary be the last for celebrity couple Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman?

Some might misread the comments recently made by the country singer as a sign that his marriage might be on the rocks. However, Urban and Kidman just celebrated their 10th anniversary as a couple in Hollywood last June. A feat that might as well be a milestone for a relationship that is constantly in the spotlight.

The famous Aussie couple even offered a glimpse into their private world in a sweet carpool karaoke ride. They sang one of the songs from Ripcord, the latest album of Keith Urban, The Fighter. This time around, his wife Nicole Kidman sang the part of American Idol alum Carrie Underwood from the original track. Interestingly, their relationship during the early years inspired that particular song.

Keith Urban and the First Few Years of their Marriage

“A lot of those really simple, tough lines in The Fighter are straight from early in my relationship with Nic. I had such a learning curve in our marriage! When she’d get scared, I’d think she was angry; then I’d get defensive, go tearing out the driveway at 90 miles an hour. And that’s when it all gets pear-shaped. What she needs, and it’s all in the song, is for me to stay, to be close, to hear her. Get Closer: the album title alone was literally from this new awareness I had with this reality of how to react. When things are tough or upsetting, it’s about pulling her close. That’s what she needs, and I had to learn it,” Keith Urban told Hits Magazine.

Keith Urban went on to share the best part about their marriage. The country singer revealed that Kidman’s honesty and ability to communicate taught him how to be a better man and consequently, a better husband. Thus, that could be the key to their tight relationship even after a decade of marriage.