“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” welcomes back Rob to the family nest. The reality show reportedly spared no expense to ensure his return. However, how would viewers and the family react if Blac Chyna joined the show also?

Rob Kardashian earned a big paycheck for his homecoming on the family’s longstanding reality show, HollywoodLife reported. The young man has his mother Kris Jenner to thank for the increase in his salary. The publication cited a report published by Life & Style magazine who received insider information about it. A source revealed how Kris Jenner was able to negotiate the considerable raise amounting to US$ 2 million (AU$ 2.7 million).

“Previously, Rob had been paid US$500,000 [AU$ 666,000] per season to be on the show. [However], recognizing his drastic weight loss and sudden engagement to Blac Chyna would be ratings gold for the E! network,” the source said.
Aside from Rob’s comeback, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” also welcomes its latest family member, Blac Chyna. The publication revealed Jenner also negotiated a hefty fee for Rob’s fiancée.

Her future mother-in-law went all out to secure her a US$ 750,000 (AU $ 1 million) paycheck. Chyna showed her gratitude by giving Jenner 10%. An earlier report from News.com.au revealed the former exotic performer and model wanted US$ 1 million (AU$ 1.33 million) to appear on the show. The publication also revealed Chyna’s plans to have her own reality show with Rob Kardashian.

However, Chyna reportedly will not shoot scenes with her ex-Tyga and her new BFF Kylie. HollywoodLife revealed in a separate post that she wants to set a few ground rules before joining “KUWTK”. She reportedly only wants to shoot scenes with her fiancé.

Rob’s return to “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” was already met with controversy. The show’s May 1 broadcast revealed how Khloe found out about his relationship with Blac Chyna in her home.

Rob also angered his little sister Kendall over his decision to give away her Christmas gift to him.