IKEA Australia has announced that they will launch an online shopping service in North Queensland this coming May.  Previously, customers have to rely on private courier services when shopping for products but now, residents of Townsville, Cairns, Mackay and Rockhampton will finally be able to shop. The service has only been available to Tasmania and the ACT. But according to Ikea Australia multichannel manager Michael Donath, the service would be available nationwide in the coming years.

“We’ve had a lot of interest and a lot of passionate Ikea supporters from North Queensland who really wanted us to come here. We thought, what a great opportunity to really engage the market … and really try out online shopping and see what North Queensland has to say about it,” Donath said, according to Townsville Bulletin. “At this stage we’re just launching the ‘Click and Collect’ service, where you can order online and within a week you can go to a depot within your town and pick up the goods.”

While there will no be physical shops in these places today, Donath says that it is not impossible that the company would set up a shop in the area. As of now, they are still focusing on the Click and Collect solution but if the demand is high, they could consider how to improve their services, Donath adds.

Representatives from Ikea went to Townsville yesterday to find out more about the area before launching their new service. According to Donath, visits like this allowed Ikea to offer better service to Queensland residents.

“We want to make this as relevant as possible for North Queenslanders and I guess this is where the home visits become really important,” Donath states. “It’s not for us to assume how people live, but very much understand so we can reflect that both in our range but also in how we can deliver those services as well.”