Katy Perry’s holiday campaign for the retail-clothing company H&M is out and it is filled with color, glitter and maybe a little intrigue.

E! Online reports that the campaign contains a new jingle from the singer and she starts it off by wearing a fairy-like costume.

The website also lists that adding to the campaign’s craziness are the cast composed of dancing teddy bears, elves and gingerbread men.

However, all those things combined may not be crazy enough because another character was added into the mix–and it is none other than a shirtless Sean O’Pry.

O’Pry starred in Taylor Swift’s music video for “Blank Space”.

Although E! Online reports that the model was only in the video for a cameo, it cannot be avoided that this will be interpreted as another spark in the feud between Perry and Swift.

Bustle speculates that Perry may have hired the model “as a way to stick it to her frenemy.”

However, the website is also quick in saying that there may be another reason on why the model was asked to be part of the H&M Campaign.

For one, Bustle says that O’Pry is recognized as the world’s highest earning male model so that could be enough reason while the clothing company would want him to be part of the campaign.

Another reason Bustle cites is that O’Pry is a model for H&M as well so it is only practical that the company would use its own models.

Given these reasons, Perez Hilton also thinks that casting O’Pry for the role may only be a coincidence since Perry is surely not the one responsible for casting models to appear in the video.

In which video do you think Sean O’Pry looked better–in Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” or Katy Perry’s H&M Holiday Campaign?

You can watch the H&M Holiday Campaign below and decide for yourself.