Word is out that Katy Perry might be embracing Buddhism after all. And why not? The “Roar” singer’s rumoured boyfriend Orlando Bloom too is very much into Buddhism. Is this the reason why her new album is getting delayed?

A lot is happening for Katy Perry. First off, the singer is showing an increased interest in Buddhism. Inquisitr claims that her growing closeness to Orlando Bloom might have triggered it because Bloom is a practicing Nichiren Buddhist. It is murmured that the “Dark Horse” singer coaxed her friends and rumoured boyfriend to join her in some Buddhism sessions at Coachella 2016.

The singer, who practices transcendental meditation, is considered very open minded according to friends. “Katy is very opened minded and loves trying new things. Orlando is very into Buddhism and has been encouraging her to practice,” revealed Inquisitr sources.

“At Coachella, they gathered a group of people together and it was clear that Katy had practiced the verse before. It’s a very upbeat and positive practice so she really enjoys it. She has got so involved that she may even convert for good,” they added.

Is this why she is taking her time to come up with her new album? Well, all you Perry fans can relax. Apparently, the singer has a lot on her plate. Not only is she working on her new album, but also on getting a new home.
The singer is facing stiff opposition from nuns over her purchase of an LA convent.

Perry wants to make the convent her home, but the nuns are having none of it. ABC News reports that the nuns, who once lived in the convent, wanted to sell it to Dana Hollister for $20.2 million and not to Perry.

However, the sale was blocked by the Archdiocese. Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick passed a ruling in favour of the Archdiocese, states Christian Today. It now remains to be seen if Perry will get her hands on the convent at all.

Perry is apparently still working on her new album despite the drama going on. According to Digital Spy, we are just in time for a new Katy Perry album anyways. However, chances are that the album will drop in the last quarter of the year because the sales always go up during the holiday season in the run up to Christmas.