Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx continue to grab their share of the headlines over their alleged romance. However, this time around, speculations already reveal news of their breakup.

It seems that the actress has reached her breaking point when it comes to their top-secret love, Radar Online wrote. The publication revealed that Holmes reportedly wants to go public with their relationship. However, Foxx is hesitant to do so.

A close friend of the actress told Radar Online that Foxx may end up losing Holmes unless he agrees to go public. The insider revealed that Holmes is desperate to show off her man, the publication added.

“Katie has grown weary of playing hide-and-seek with their relationship. After several years skulking about with him on the down low,” the insider said.

Bet surmised that Foxx’s reluctance is in relation to Holmes’ ex-husband Tom Cruise. The Oscar winner could be worried that Cruise would not take kindly to the idea that his friend hooked up with his ex-wife. However, Foxx isn’t the only one worried about Cruise’s reaction, Movie News Guide wrote. As it turns out, Holmes might also fear the backlash as it could bring about a bitter custody battle for her daughter, Suri.

So, it would seem that Holmes is willing to give up Foxx rather than lose Suri or disrupt their peaceful life.
The marriage buzz between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx made noise a few weeks back following rumours of her alleged pregnancy. However, her appearance at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival quickly crushed speculations  although that didn’t put a stop to the chatter as details of their upcoming wedding soon surfaced.

Neither Foxx nor Holmes has come forward to confirm the rumours of their relationship. Hence, it would likely be awkward if either one were to confirm their split. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx romance saga.