Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx have reportedly tied the knot in a secret ceremony held on a Hawaiian beach.

However it’s unclear if it has taken place or not, HollywoodLife cited details provided by a source to Star. Katie Holmes wanted a tropical wedding so they’ve supposedly looked at Hanalei Bay in Kauai as a potential venue. She is apparently intent to make her wedding day her own unlike her first wedding.

“Katie’s wedding to Tom was all very staged and formal and organized by him,” the source said.

“Katie is determined that this time around she is going to let her hair down,” the source added. Holmes would certainly make a lovely bride as shown on “The Kennedys: After Camelot,” ET Online reported. Hence, the high cost of her dream wedding could be a small price for the groom to pay at approximately US $ 800,000 (AU $ 1,062,120.82).

Both Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx have not yet come forward to confirm their relationship yet news about their romance persist. Holmes slammed pregnancy rumors with her svelte appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival last April. Despite that, details about their wedding date and venue hinted that it would likely be in Ohio where Holmes grew up.

Sources revealed the actress had poured millions into the renovation of a vacation house back home. But then the couple reportedly hit a bump in the road as sources revealed that Holmes grew tired of the relationship. Foxx’s reluctance to go public with their romance led to the breakup. His hesitation was largely due to his concern about how her ex-husband and his friend, Tom Cruise, would react to the news.

Yet Katie Holmes no longer seems threatened by Cruise. She’s even willing to go to court and is ready to drop “bombshell secrets” from their six-year marriage. Holmes reportedly want additional child support for their daughter, Suri, HollywoodLife revealed in a separate report. As it turns out, Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter in over two years.

“She’s fed up. Some friends say they’re headed back to court, where they would have an explosive showdown. And, they say, Katie feels she would triumph,” the publication cited insider information revealed by Life & Style. Do you think Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx will have a lavish wedding soon?