Would Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx deliberately keep Suri from her father?

The relationship of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx seems to be a closely guarded secret between the two. Earlier rumors surmised it was intentional because of her ex-husband Tom Cruise. According to a report, he might use his influence to gain custody of Suri prior to her marriage to Foxx. Hence, it hinted at Katie’s choice to distance him from their daughter. Foxx has nothing to do with it. Yet her anxiety over custody of Suri might be unnecessary.

A new report revealed the actor has not communicated with Suri in the last three years. Their last public outing caught on camera was in 2012. Of late, Suri has not received a call or a visit from her father, a source told US Weekly. The source further alluded to the Scientology religion as the cause behind their detachment.

His beliefs as a Scientologist supposedly led to the exclusion of Katie and Suri from his life. However, a representative from the church came forward to deny this claim. To date, the actress has yet to come forward to confirm or deny any of the reports about Foxx, Suri or her ex-husband. Regardless, speculations about their status as a couple came full circle. Earlier this year, rumors swirled about her possible pregnancy. Details of their supposed wedding plans soon followed. Then, they allegedly broke up because he cheated.

However, they reportedly reunited at the recent concert of Barbra Streisand. Jamie Foxx joined the legendary performer onstage in New York. They sang their duet from Streisand’s latest album. However, the activities backstage seemed to be more interesting. A separate US Weekly report quoted an onlooker who revealed the presence of Katie Holmes in Foxx’s dressing room.

“They left from the dressing room area a few minutes apart from each other but she was hanging out in his dressing room with him after the show,” the witness revealed.