Could the Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx dating rumor finally get confirmation as her ex-husband reportedly gave them his blessings?

Talks about the Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx dating rumor instantly bring her ex-husband into the conversation. Tom Cruise is supposedly the reason why the rumored couple has kept their relationship a secret all these years. A recent report cited an alleged clause included in her divorce settlement prevents her from dating until 2017.

Earlier reports hinted at their hesitation to go public out of fear how Cruise would react. Furthermore, it alluded to stories about her ex-husband’s crazy side, hence the alleged choice of Jamie Foxx to keep away from the drama. Yet did Jamie finally find the courage to fight for their love?

Jamie reportedly sprung to action and faced his former Collateral co-star. He professed his love for Katie.  He demanded for her freedom so they can push through with their earlier wedding plans. Apparently, he also mentioned how it would be good for Suri since they can provide her a stable family environment.

While Tom might have had his doubts at first, an insider revealed the actor eventually gave way to Jamie. Moreover, it would seem he knew about their relationship early on. Hence, did he merely want Jamie to man up and tell him directly about the whole thing?

“Tom, despite initial reservations, agreed not to stand in the couple’s way. He and Tom had been friends for years, and they stayed civil even after Jamie started seeing Katie,” Hollywood Life quoted OK! Magazine’s source. None of the parties involved has come forward to confirm the latest twist in the Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx dating rumor. However, romantics might have a celebrity wedding to look forward to before 2016 ends.

Will the Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx dating rumor end in marriage?