The reason behind the Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx dating secret might still involve her ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

Rumors of Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx dating remain persistent despite the continued denial from both parties. Indeed, for two people who are not a couple their alleged relationship has so much intrigue. Their romance reportedly began in August 2013. Photos of the two dancing in public led to speculations about them. However, they supposedly maintain a low-key relationship owing to Katie’s ex-husband Tom Cruise.

However, the marriage buzz came up this year after rumors of her alleged pregnancy cropped up. Although, her red carpet appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival last April showed no baby bump for someone supposedly on the family way. Nevertheless, it did not deter rumors of their wedding plans either on a beach in Hawaii or in her hometown of Ohio.

Their alleged relationship also went through trials as with other couples do. They supposedly broke up after photos emerged of the actor with a blonde-haired woman. Although it would seem the actress grew tired of keeping their relationship a secret even before he reportedly cheated.

Yet could the secrecy be a necessity? Gossip Cop cited a report by the National Enquirer suggesting it is because of the divorce agreement between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. It seems a source revealed an alleged clause prevents her from dating until 2017. At the time, Katie supposedly agreed to it just to get of the marriage.

Thus, news of Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx dating would be a breach of the contract. Consequently, she would reportedly lose the financial settlement attached to it. However, further investigation by the publication revealed the clause does not exist. Yet another twist to the persistent rumors linking Katie Holmes to Jamie Foxx.

When will rumors of Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx dating end?