Duchess Kate Middleton has been found having a “flirt fest” with British sailor Ben Ainslie in front of her husband, Prince Williams.

The romancing, as a Star magazine called it, was recorded at the America’s Cup on July 24 in England’s Portsmouth. However, Gossip Cop slammed the claims and said that it was nothing but a rumor. As reported by Star, a source confirmed that the Duchess romanced the sailor while her husband appeared to be a “third wheel.” The source claimed that Kate is a “giddy schoolgirl” who is around Ainslie, and she adored him a lot.

The Star report also added that the princess has a crush on the sailor, which begun to bud at the London Olympics 2012 when the latter won a gold medal. The flame was fueled when Middleton went on Ainslie’s new catamaran for a training ride. “[Ainslie] really floats her boat,” the source said, as reported by the Star.

According to International Business Times, Gossip Cop investigated the matter and cited a source from the America’s Cup. The source revealed that the claims of an Ainslie and Middleton romance were all “rubbish.”

Royal Couple Filing For Divorce?

Recently, reports suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are all set to file a divorce but it has been observed that the claims were untrue. “Their issues are on an even bigger scale, and they’re constantly arguing at the moment about the pressure Kate is under, William’s attitude about it and how to raise their kids. They’re going through a very rocky patch,” a source reported a few days ago.

The couple has been planning to have a third baby, and hence, they would not visit Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics 2016. Middleton, according to The Bit Bag, said that as she is planning to conceive for the third time. The couple would avoid Zika virus-prone areas, Brazil being on top of the list.