The “person of interest” who has been searching for the missing Avondale Heights suburb resident Karen Ristevski has suddenly become quiet.

Melbourne police have indicated their decision to join the search operation for the missing man. The officers also claimed that no evidence has yet been gathered to reveal anything about the woman. An information caravan has been established to find out details about the man as well as Ristevski to resolve the case as a whole. On Wednesday, it was revealed that the man has suddenly gone silent while searching for the woman.

Officers have been searching for the woman in Melbourne’s northwest region in addition to the Canning Reserve parklands near her residence. The woman, according to reports, left home at 10 am on June 29. She neither made any transaction through bank accounts nor used her mobile phone to contact friends and family since the day she went missing.

Ristevski’s husband Borce told investigating officials that they discussed her business and its financial situation when they had an argument before leaving. According to neighbors, the husband asked them for CCTV footage of the day when his wife went missing. According to the residents, this was to find out the direction in which she went to make the search process easier. Police have also put up posters to let the public help in the search process.

In addition, the investigators are looking for relevant CCTV footage to ensure they get some clues. They confirmed that the cameras at home were not working at the time Ristevski went missing. Detective Inspector Stephen Dennis said that the officers have been interrogating people regarding the case.

“We’ve spoken to members of the family and we’ve spoken to other people as well. We will continue to speak to people as part of this inquiry,” ABC quoted him as saying. “I’m not going to speculate on any individual at this stage. All I’m going to say is we’ll continue with our inquiries.”

Ristevski wore a black blazer with jeans and carried a gold handbag when she left.