The murder case of Karen Ristevski is taking a mysterious turn with every passing day. The recovery of a decomposed body gave a new direction to the investigation. Forensic reports identified the body as that of the 47-year-old Ristevski.

A day after the recovery of the dead body of Ristevski, her husband Borce has been declared as the prime suspect in the murder. Borce’s lawyer, Rob Stary, admitted in a court hearing that his client was the chief suspect in the murder, though Victorian Police never announced publicly. After the two recent breakthroughs, another relative of the victim has opened up about the matter.

Ristevski’s stepson Anthony Rickard has requested the murderer to confess his crime. He made the comment on his Facebook page on Wednesday. It asked the killer for confession and stated that the passing time was only the period “before you are spending a long time behind bars.” The update came the same day his father was declared the suspect in the murder mystery.

The eight-month-old missing and murder case has taken a dramatic turn with the stepson’s FB update. Rickard described her stepmother as his “one true soulmate.” “I wish you were living it up overseas. You’re the only person who showed me true love and will always have a place for you in my heart. You were my one true soulmate,” he wrote.

The dead body of the missing mom was found near Macedon regional Park on Monday. After the confirmation of the identity of the body, Borce was found visiting his lawyer’s office. Karen’s brother Steve Williams opened up about the case and said that the recovery of the body will reveal some answers. “I knew Karen wasn’t coming home. I knew that from a very early stage,” he told 9NEWS. “Hopefully things will now move on more rapidly.”

Shovel Might Answer Some Questions 

Investigators have seized a dirty shovel from Karen’s family property at Avondale Heights. The new revelations regarding the case have amped up the search for the murderer. The Victorian police department has started a deep investigation of the soil traces found on the shovel. One of the soil samples examined on the shovel matched that found in the Mount Macedon area.

Victoria Police has not yet commented on the matter. It told the Herald Sun that the investigation is still continuing and hence “it would be inappropriate to provide a running commentary.”

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