Forensic examination has identified the badly decomposed body of a woman found in the Macedon Regional Park on Monday. Victoria Police department confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that the human remains belonged to Karen Ristevski. Besides the confirmation of the dead body belonging to the victim, the murder mystery has now taken a new turn.

Karen’s husband Borce Ristevski’s lawyer has admitted on Wednesday that his client is thought to be the chief suspect in the murder. The victim’s husband was found seeking legal advice on the matter from criminal lawyer Rob Stary in the morning.

The need for legal counsel comes following the recovery of the dead body of Karen, which turned a mystery missing matter into a murder case.  “It’s pretty clear police have him as their number one suspect,” Stary told a reputed media outlet.

The lawyer said that he has been offering his legal service to Borce since the investigation into Karen missing case began. The victim’s husband told police in the initial stage of the investigation that he was the last person who saw Karen. He also said that his wife left home for a walk after a heated argument over financial issues on June 29, 2016.

“We’ve been advising him since day one really,” Stary said. “Obviously his wife has been found and there’s an autopsy report been completed, he wants to see what that could mean.”

Police have never publicly listed Borce as the suspect of his wife’s murder. However, the revelation has come following a gathering of friends and relatives at the couple’s place in Avondale Heights. People gathered there to mourn the death of the 47-year-old woman. A passer-by spotted the body at the park and found it wedged between two giant logs.

‘Can of Worms’ Opened 

A childhood friend of the victim said that the recovery of the dead body of Karen will open a “can of worms” for the family. However, the friend indicated an invitation to more heartaches than closures if the case is deeply discovered.  “This is really just the start for the family. It’s going to be the worst ride of their lives,” the friend said as quoted by Herald Sun. “This won’t go away quickly. It’s just the start; a can of worms has been opened,” the friend added.

Karen Ristevski missing and murder mystery has become of the most high-profile cases in Australia. The victim was the mother of a 21-year-old daughter, Sarah.

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