There seems to be nothing stopping Blac Chyna from joining the Kardashians. She is about to marry Rob Kardashian. She is also pregnant with his baby. But has his family really made peace with her? Are they now ready to welcome her to their family?

According to Hollywood Life, the Kardashians still think Rob rushed into this relationship too fast. But the family of reality stars has slowly accepted Chyna into their lives. “The family in general still feels Rob’s relationship with Chyna is very rushed. They were hoping that Chyna would be more like a rebound. Someone who was able to help Rob. But that he then would move on. They never expected an engagement and a baby,” a source told People.

Rob and Chyna only started dating earlier this  year. They got engaged four months later. However, his family recognises that there is nothing they could do to stop him from marrying her. “Rob has made it clear though that this is what he wants,” the source added. “He seems very happy. The family knows that they need to be on his side, or he will shut them out. They are really playing by Rob’s rules now.”

Rob’s mom, Kris Jenner, admittedly “has had a difficult time” with the whole thing. “It’s definitely been frustrating for her. But the baby will be welcomed,” the insider said. “Just like with Kris’ other grand-kids, Rob’s baby will be loved and spoiled.”

Kris also thinks Rob’s baby is “great” for their reality show. “They have had some problems coming up with new storylines…From a business aspect, Rob’s new life is great for the show,” the insider disclosed. However, Rob’s fiance “still has no plans to be on the show. She and Rob plan on signing their own deals,” the source said.