Kanye West is the ultimate multitasker. He has just launched “The Life of Pablo” and “Yeezy Season 3” in a grand show. He is also ready to work on “Yeezy Season 4,” amidst his Twitter drama. It is believed that the rapper is currently attending the Première Vision in Paris, probably for working on “Yeezy Season 4.” He has even tweeted a photo of the platinum pass that he holds.

According to E!News, “Yeezy 4” will be a children’s clothing line. The rapper tweeted “Season 4 I’m only working on kid’s clothing … full time.” This seems to be a predictable business direction for the rapper, given that he has two kids himself.

In fact, his daughter North West has the most updated, edgy and enviable wardrobe already. She was seen wearing custom, head to toe Yeezy creations during the Season 2 show. Wife Kim Kardashian West reportedly even blogged about it. According to E!News, the “Keeping Up With Kardashians” star revealed that North was indeed decked out head to toe in Yeezy including her custom socks. Her look was perfectly coordinated to match her mum Kim and the other models.

Bustle believes that there is no reason why West couldn’t design a kids clothing line or add them to the range, taking the given that his niche is adult fashions. However, the publication is not sure that “completely changing fashion lanes and jamming on the breaks when he is making such forward progress is a great idea.”

Kanye West has made more headlines in the recent past than any other celebrity. First it was his Twitter war with Wiz Khalifa wherein he dragged his ex Amber Rose and her son. This was followed by hurried patch-up efforts by Kim. Then came his epic Taylor Swift saga. The latter got back to West on the Grammy Stage. This was followed by his rant on “Saturday Night Live.”

We hope that he puts all this behind him and comes up with another smashing “Yeezy 4” season.