Kanye West has been expressing his views on twitter quite frequently. Be it about his fashion line to asking Mark Zuckerberg for money. This time he goes on a “video games” twitter rampage.

Last year, West talked about his new video game. He recently shared a trailer of  “The Life of Pablo”, his latest venture. Well, he also wanted to show off a bit.

“I worked on a video game and I wanted to show y’all,” Kanye said. “The idea of the game is, my mom traveling through the gates of heaven.”

“That’s not easy to do, man!” Kanye added. “Y’all just be acting like that sh** is regular.”

“No, you don’t understand. I go out and meet with everybody in San Fran, and they’ll diss the f*** out of me. And I’ll be like, ‘I wanna make a game,’ and they’ll be like, ‘F*** YOU.’ That was hard to do, bro!”

Well, that isn’t the end of things. As per the Kotaku reports, West now wants to come with a follow-up to “The Life of Pablo”. It will be named “Turbo Grafx 16”.

And then the rampage starts. He starts of with the reason for his choice and then gives details about his favourite games too. Lets just say, a lot about his favourite games.

According to the source he also compares himself to a character in “Wreck-It-Ralph, the Disney movie about video games.”

The source quotes, “he insists he’s Vanellope Von Schweetz, AKA the glitch.”

While all of this happening, Kanye expresses his love for the comedy actor after watching “Zoolander 2”, as per the NME sources. Lets just say it is too hard for him to resist his outflow of feelings.

“It is so inspiring. Thank you for existing!” the rapper writes. He also thanks the comedian for bringing joy to his life.

“Perhaps it was seeing him play the same character from 15 years ago with 15 more years experience,” West states, “that showed how sharp and Bruce Lee status he is.”