Guess who’s celebrating his 39th birthday? Yes. It is no other than the “Life of Pablo” hitmaker Kanye West. While updates about an extravagant party or event are yet to unfold, readers might want to take a look at the life of the rapper and how he quickly became so popular by posting Twitter rants and engaging into feuds.

Also known as Yeezy and Yeezus, Design N Trend tagged him as a “self-proclaimed god.” His presence in the hip-hop industry has created polarity among fans and critics.

More than being a critically acclaimed producer and rapper, he rose to stardom after marrying “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star Kim Kardashian. The couple has two children, namely, North and Saint.

This narration would not be complete if his feuds are not mentioned. So for the record, here are the five celebrities he allegedly had feuds with.

  1. Justin Bieber. It was reported that Yeezus and The Biebs had a misunderstanding after West tweeted something about “caring.” However, later on, he confessed that he is a Belieber, notes Mirror.

2. LeBron James. The Cleveland Cavaliers star was allegedly caught in between Nike and Kanye West drama. Reports have it that Nike turned to the athlete to sign a lifetime contract after Yeezus worked with Adidas in October 2015.

Notably, his song “Facts” is allegedly about Nike. However, James commented on that he is siding with Nike, whatever happens. He did not mention the alleged feud he had with the rapper.

3. Wiz Khalifa. Not just a feud, but Vibe has listed West’s rant about the rapper as one of the most memorable ones. The “Pablo” rapper immediately responded to Khalifa’s criticism by a witty but ranting tweet.

4. Beck. Even one of the 90’s iconic artists was able to experience the epic rant of Kanye West when the “Loser” artist won over Beyonce in last year’s Grammy Awards for the Album of the Year.

“Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyoncé,” quotes Guardian. In return, the celebrating artist told Rolling Stones that his win was not expected.

5. Taylor Swift. Well, who would ever forget the epic scene where Yeezy grabbed the mic from the “Bad Blood” singer during the 2009 MTV VMAs? Again, the rapper insisted that Beyonce could have won the Best Female Video award.

So there you have it. The readers might or might not hope for another epic feud this year, and by the way, happy birthday, Kanye West!