Kanye West is in the news again! Not for his Met Gala lenses though. The singer recently announced that he will hit the roads with his successful “The Life of Pablo.” Come September, West will start touring in a bid to inspire the youth.

Kanye West had hinted on upcoming tours early last month after the Paradise International Music Festival in Manila. West had tweeted about working on tour designs while thanking fans for loving his music.

However, he confirmed the tour plans during Steve Harvey’s Morning Radio Show yesterday, informs E! News. “You know, my tour game is strong,” revealed West. “My tour game is unprecedented. So we’re going to go out in September, I believe, and we’re just working on some of the ideas right now,” he added.

The rapper said that though the tour is being worked out for September, things are still in the planning stage. This means that fans will have to wait for further details such as venues, ticket prices, dates, etc.

According to MTV, one of the reasons for West to hit the roads is to inspire kids, the way he was as a kid. “I’m trying to literally inspire these kids the way Disney inspired me, the way, you know, when I saw the original Star Wars,” explained the singer on Harvey’s radio show.

The 20-minute interview had Kanye answering a host of questions, including things that inspire him to continuously reinvent himself. “Dreams and purpose. You know what my mother would have wanted for me; what my dad would have wanted for me. You know how they were educated and the way they educated me,” informed West.

“You know always push me to push past you know the regular limitations. You know no matter what level you supposedly at,” he added. Rap Up states that the rapper even hinted at affordable Yeezy clothing prices and was apologetic about his Twitter war with Wiz Khalifa.